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PSA: The bookmark is your friend


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Aug 3, 2021
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TLDR: bookmark and obsess.

At first I could remember which threads had the best renders from @Eagle7 , but I've gotten overloaded as he's just amazingly generous.

You probably all know this but in case you don't - hit the "bookmark" tag top right of an individual post within a thread, give it a name like "great side renders of yellow" and save it. then you can easily find all these under your profile while you agonize at 2 am for the 99th time whether you're going to chose Nimbus or blue or yellow or verdant or Shadow.....
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As you say @Eagle7 has really done a brilliant job helping us with his work, must have taken some effort. Much appreciated👏👏
Great idea. I’ve taken a different approach though. I use an iPad or iPhone to view the forum most of the time. If you hold your finger on a picture you like an option to download the picture appears. I download a pics and link my photo app to google photos, which in turn cohorts pictures into albums of like images like “cars”. I can find any render by going to the car album. For added viewing pleasure I have that album linked to a Wi-Fi enabled picture frame so I’m treated to a steady stream of great renders throughout the day. Pretty awesome!