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Very loud thump sometimes in the rear panel where the drivers door would latch onto. Unlock the door, open it up, and a loud thump from that rear panel near the fixed door latch. Strange, but whatever. Anyone else notice this?
To my shock, my car recently was towed from KC to St. Louis for issues related to the car not starting consistently. It keep getting worse and finally throwing a code I shipped it to Holman Lotus. Since it was already there I decided to have the oil flushed. So I asked my service advisor to give me a price quote. To my shock I thought she had put an extra 1 in front of the 1149. I reminded her that this was a Toyota engine not Ferrari, but she clearly stated that she was correct and they charge 300hr. Has anyone else experienced this price for an oil change?? How would it take 3 hours to perform an oil change? Considering I live in KC and the dealership is 3hrs away I have no intention to take it back there for the yearly...
Pleased to bring you Episode 4 of a 12 month series of Living with a Lotus Emira in Absolute Lotus magazine. Out now.
The #20 Mahiki Racing Emira GT4 driven by Ian Duggan and Gordie Mutch had its first podium finish, 3rd in GT4 overall and 1st in GT4 Pro-Am at today's Silverstone 500. Congratulations to everyone involved.
5/2023 and sitting at dealership since hi everyone from Oz I’m picking up v6 manual next week Car was built 5/2023 and delivered 10/2023 sitting in dealership since then . Can someone list things to check for as I live 20 hours away from dealership Eg. All computer updated Floor mat screes Air cond working etc etc Also has anyone heard Toyota has stopped making the v6 engine so lotus not making base model Thankyou in advance
British GT Championship, Silverstone 500, with Mahiki Racing and Gavin Kershaw, Lotus Director, Attributes and Product Integrity Maliki Racing Emira GT4s in British GT Championship Silverstone 500, blue ribband 3-hour endurance race on YouTube, Sky F1 and British GT ‘socials’ tomorrow, Sunday. Start 12:30 UK time. Final touch from Gavin Kershaw Lotus Director, Attributes and Product Integrity:
Now I am getting this code. It is emissions related. Drives/runs fine, just would not pass inspection. Dealer says they have seen it before. It is either a software glitch or a leak in the Evap system. Frustrating as the dealer is a couple hours away. Will take it in in June to get fixed and get a break in over oil change. A P0446 error code indicates an evaporative emission control system (EVAP) vent control circuit malfunction. Simply put, the computer has detected an issue regarding the functionality of your vehicle's EVAP system vent valve.
Now 16 (+1 ‘drop-in’) Body Colours: 6 Seneca Blue, 5 Nimbus Grey, 3 Dark Verdant , 1 Magma Red, 1 Hethel Yellow (9 with Upper Black Pack) Wheel Colours: 7 Black, 5 Silver, 3 Diamond Cut, 1 Bronze Calliper Colours: 11 Yellow, 2 Black, 2 Silver, 1 Red See reply below for 5 more.
New issue of UK Autocar mag. Out today, 4 pages of Future of Lotus insights Lotus Boss, Mike Johnstone: How we’ll win over the sceptics.
I'm interested in connecting with others who have taken delivery or have deposits with Gator Motorsport in Indianapolis. My car was in port being processed 6 weeks ago (a month before the bridge collapse, so that's not a factor), but I still can't get any real information from Gator about where it is, when I can take delivery, etc. I chose Gator even though I live in North Carolina because of their reputation. Plus I have family in Indiana and my Dad in particular really wanted to ride in my Emira when I took delivery. Well, Dad passed away last month, so that won't happen. In fact, he was in hospice when the CARB dam broke and the first Emira were being delivered to customers. So if you're working with Gator, please let me know...
The Mahiki Racing GT4 Emiras finished 4th and 7th in GT4 Pro-Am in the first race and 4th and 5th in the second race in today’s opening round of the British GT Championship at Oulton Park. Assorted Emira images attached - race action shots to follow
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