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Sep 28, 2021
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Melbourne Australia
Now obviously, being located in Australia I haven't seen any of the pre production cars (Blue or Grey) and have only been able to look at the various paint samples people have kindly posted (6 colours). I am presuming all of the above have been small batch hand sprayed and not from the new production line which is going to be robotic. I have had a S1 Elise in Norfolk Mustard (metallic) and currently a Ardent Red S3 Exige. The paint quality on both of these cars have been exceptional and I put that down to the hand spraying and hand polishing that was done on the old line. I have had three tours of the factory at Hethel and was always impressed with the quality of the various paintworks regardless of colour. Even the current range of cars in showrooms seem to "pop" compared to most other brands.

Could someone please ask at the next showing if the new process will match or exceed the current finished quality. I am presuming the clearcoat is of significant depth to achieve this effect. I note the C8 has visible "orange peel" in comparison.

I took this photo of the Exige today as an example of that "mirror" finish.


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The finish of the show car was perfect not sure if this would be represented in production line and as already said the blue looks better in person quite metallic and really stands out. I was definitely dark grey till seeing the blue

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