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Pump shredding?


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Jan 6, 2023
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Got in the car today, open doors, only turned ignition on (5s push). Heard a rather unpleasant sound from the front.
What pump sits under the front right fender?
Sounds like usual and then like you stick something into moving blades. If someone played with computer fans and let something touch the blades while moving - exactly that :LOL:
It comes in, stays for a few seconds and goes again. Repeat.
I've attached an audio clip.
Car works fine, don't know for how long it's been doing that, but surely can't be good.
Guess it's time to pay the old reliable a visit again 🔧


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The electric fan that pulls air through the radiator is up there. Open up the front hood and look. Sounds like something is slightly loose and vibrating as a result of the fan.
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