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Interview at the venue of JAPAN LOTUS DAY 2022


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Jan 22, 2022
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--Many automakers worldwide have been affected in their production by the shortage of semiconductors, how about Lotus?

Mr. Ballmer: As you say, we are short of many things. As is the case with other automakers, Lotus is using similar parts, so we have not yet been able to deliver even one Emira to a customer, even though it should have been produced and sold six months ago. However, the situation is gradually improving, and production of the Emira for Japan started in September, and the first car for Japan went off the line just 10 days ago. The completed cars are at our plant in Hessell (UK) and the first two cars will be on board next week.

--Will the inline 4-cylinder turbo engine models that use AMG-made engines be affected in the same way?

Ballmer: Actually, we can produce the I4 (inline 4-cylinder) model at this time, but we still have a large backlog of orders for the V6 model that we have received prior to that. The I4 model will not go into production until the summer of 2023.

--The Emira is available with two engines, a V6 and a straight 4. Are they given different characters?

Ballmer: I like both vanilla-flavored ice cream and chocolate-flavored ice cream. I like vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream because they are both ice cream in the same way. In the same way, they are both the same Emira. But the V6 model is a three-pedal model with a manual gearbox, and the sound of the supercharger in the background also provides a romantic atmosphere. Some customers may value such an atmosphere. The I4, on the other hand, is lighter and more agile in shifting. There are those who are looking for a more advanced engine and a more advanced transmission, and I have yet to meet anyone who is torn between the V6 and the I4.

 However, the V6 has 405PS and the I4 has 365PS, so I think the V6 will be faster on a circuit with long straights like the Fuji Speedway where we are now, but on a short course with many corners, the I4 will probably win.

--I am working on a book that deals only with "Elise" and "Exige", but the Elise and Exige owners I know there are honestly not looking for Emira. On the other hand, the Emira will be a model that will open up new customers, but will Elise and Exige owners be left behind down the road?

Ballmer: The "Vision 80" was launched by Lotus on the 70th anniversary of its founding, but at that time the production scale was less than 1,500 cars/year. We had more than 1,500 staff members, and this was unprofitable because each staff member had to be supported by the production of one car. Lotus was making "hobby cars," but the company could not survive if it only made "hobby cars.
The EV sports car on the right, scheduled to debut in 2026, is Lotus' answer to the owners of the Elise and Exige, according to Ballmer.

So, we have a product plan with an eye toward electrification in the future. (Using an image of the EV introduction plan released in August 2021) What is this and this one (the short model placed on the far right) following this one? Do they look small because they are far away? No, we have not forgotten. (We have not forgotten those people (in the Elise and Exige). First, we will launch an EV SUV and a 4-door car, but we also have these light and fun cars in the pipeline, so please don't worry and wait for a while.

 We know that Lotus owners do not only drive Lotus cars. They also own SUVs and other family cars at the same time as the Elise and Exige, which is a waste from a brand strategy point of view. Our future management strategy is to have the other car (family car) be a Lotus as well, and have both cars in the garage.


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Aug 29, 2021
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This is a great article. Largely because it validates a lot of my forum arguments! Lol

Even though I don't have the I4 in my spec, I can't wait for this thing to come out and they can produce it now!

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