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Current Lotus Owner looking to buy an Emira…


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Feb 20, 2024
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Hi All, I currently own a Lotus Esprit GT3 and am looking at buying an Emira..

My only concern is if it will actually fit in my single garage..

It’s a bit of a tight squeeze to Get the Esprit in and physically get out of it.. dimensionally, the Emira looks a little bit wider..

What widths are some of your garages?

I just need to somehow confirm if will fit before I take the plunge..


Welcome to the forum @Kzawilin! A few others have had the same question.. Here are the Emira size specs I saved for my own measurements (sorry, you'll have to do your own metric conversions):

82.4" mirror to mirror
74.6" w/mirrors folded
173.7" (14'6") long
Door length= 49.6" (9.9" thickest part)
48.2" tall

Here's my single car garage transformation in prep for Emira (now Evora) ownership.

Lots of good info in this existing thread too: Will a single garage house the Emira?
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Thanks for the links, I had found half of them after i had already posted..
The entrance to the garage is 219cm.
The overall width is 245cm…

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