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Potential Northwest / Midlands meet end of June?


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Feb 13, 2022
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UK - Staffordshire
Hi there

I was thinking as quite a few of us are getting our cars in June if all goes well how about a meet one weekend towards end of June somewhere in the Midlands / Northwest and then maybe a drive out somewhere nice like Wales, pub lunch or chip shop beach lunch and drive back.

How many here in the Northwest / Midlands region are expecting their cars in June?

I am based in Stoke / Congleton and have a blue V6 FE manual with silver wheels coming, be good to get a meet and drive out of around 6-12 of us, will also be cool to have a convoy of Emiras on the road. :)
No chance of arriving in mine (July 12th deposit). Would still be up for a meet to compare specs if an S1 is invited?
Great idea. Let me know when you pin down a date and I'll add it to the UK events calendar. Lotus in the Peak is early July and a few of us will be there, either with our Emiras for the whole event or on the Sunday to see the static display at Chatsworth. Should be 150+ Lotus cars and several Emiras attending.

I might be up for this date dependant. Very similar car to yours, although with the superior DC wheels and black pack ;)

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