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Oct 6, 2021
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My Lotus is now set up for the Eletre and Emira, I can now log on and see the status of both my Lotus cars on the My Lotus link sent via email.

Apparently the email will be for deliveries April onwards you can view the following...


Order Reference -

Order Reserved -

Order Confirmed -

Checkout Status -


Handover Date -

The email will be sent out 3 months before production starts so anyone like me who thought they locked their spec 16 months ago can amend the spec if they wish to do so.
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Where did you get the app?
It's not an app it's your own personal link that Lotus email you, when you log in via the link it will ask for a six digit security code which is also emailed once requested.

Good on Lotus, this might stop us calling customer service.
This is good news if it works correctly
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Whoa, seriously!? This is amazing if true. I wonder if it's for all customers or just UK/Hethel direct orders...
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You can see both my cars, I just click the one I want to review. 😊


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You can see both my cars, I just click the one I want to review. 😊
What! They’ve sent them now? Where’s mine. Due production next month 😂
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Apparently it's for cars April/May onwards, the link will only be sent 3 months before production that's why the May build emails are going out from today.

Apparently the cars from April onwards don't have any glitches either (I just made that last bit up) 🥳
Does anyone know if this is available in the US? First wave vehicles should be going into production within the next three months or so, this would be great to keep us at bay...
Question to those who have access to the personalised 'My Lotus' page. Are all details shown therein accurate, except perhaps the specification of your Emira, which of course you can change?

Here is an excerpt of mine - the Order Reserved date (bottom right) is a year later than the date I actually placed my first deposit, which was placed on 8th November 2021, followed by the 2nd payment on 7th February 2022. Are the dates shown on yours match up with the actual dates?

__Emira - Hethel Yellow - Order Ref T131-CBBGHAJB-SA (24 Mar 2023).jpg
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Mine's similar
Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 22.40.47.png

It says 10 Jan 2023, but it was autumn 2021 when I put my first deposit down.
Order Reserved date and time is correct on mine... I am a relatively recent Jan 2023 deposit.
Mine's similar
View attachment 24193

It says 10 Jan 2023, but it was autumn 2021 when I put my first deposit down.
Interesting...wonder what criteria Lotus used to move orders around since the dates don't reflect reality. I was first promised delivery in Spring 2023, then moved to Q1 2024 before receiving the email to confirm (lock in spec) by 8th March 2023 (not 16th March as shown in the screenshot above). Utter chaos!

Is yours being built and delivered before the end of June, at the original price?

I haven't yet questioned why these dates are being played around with, seemingly in a random fashion. Need to first understand who else is affected by this.

So far, looks like those who reserved in 2021 are affected.
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