Lotus Customer Care! At the end of my tether ...


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May 18, 2023
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Help !!!

Please does anyone know the name of a competent employee at Lotus who can actually help resolve a purchasing problem ?

Over the past month I've had multiple non-productive conversations with LCC, being told conflicting information which has left me totally lost and confused.

Car was 'meant' to be build in August and I received the 'Checkout' e-mail late August which was completed on 1st Sept, followed by a Lotus E-mail clarifying all was done and they'd be in touch!

Didn't hear anything for 2 weeks, so just called LCC out of curiosity to check - was told all was good and they could see I'd completed checkout their side (although the status had not moved on in 'My Lotus').

Called them today and apparently they now can't see I've gone through 'Checkout'. Jeez !!!! So, went through 'Checkout' again today with LCC on the phone and as expected, the 'Checkout' process had retained all of the info I entered on 1st September, yet their internal system says Checkout hasn't been completed !

TBH, I've completely lost confidence in them and I fear they have no clue as to what is actually going on. Apparently, multiple e-mails have now been sent by LCC to IT, Sales etc etc to try and understand what has actually happened!

Has anyone else gone through this excruciating pain and if so, would you happen to have the contact details for a competent person at Lotus who can actually help resolve ?


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