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Video of Emira next to Porsches


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Jul 14, 2021
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BC, Canada
Found this video on IG today that shows the Emira driving past a 991 and a few other cars. It’s useful for providing those of us who haven’t seen it in person with a sense of size perspective against other known vehicles.

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Shadow grey looks nice there
I agree.

If the showcar had the nicer forged diamond cut wheels of the blue show car and a brighter leather interior then I think there would be many more shadow grey orders and it would be more popular. Dark grey leather inside with dark grey outside is a bit depressing and putting people off. Even the alcantara would make it feel more special.

Shadow grey with Ice white or red leather interior ... mmmm :)
Thanks for posting.

Good to see a comparison in size when compared to the current crop of 911s,.

Doesn't sound bad now does it? :)

Can't wait to have a test drive in a V6 manual.