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Todd from Everyday Driver gets his Emira - Video Review

Todd looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. I'm so stoked for him.

Todd, if you're lurking on here, say hi sometime!
Hey I watch these guys! Appreciate his commentary as it reflects that he is indeed an everyday driver. A normal guy that loves driving cars. Not some rich kid or wannabe that only drives GT3s and limited edition XYZ cars.

I think they represent a very relatable perspective. Look forward to some Emira videos! We need more driving, ownership and comparison videos.
Very happy for Todd. Their comparo with Cayman/Vette was one of the key factors in my willingness to pull the trigger (in addition to Harry Metcalfe). Todd and Paul speak a certain language about car selection and ownership that is unique amidst the sea of click-bait youtubers. They get that everyone has unique tastes and criteria, and then spend considerable effort to review cars with that in mind. It can't be easy.

If my use of hours watching their videos has (in part) made it possible for Todd to get that car, then part of the youtube economy is working as-intended!
They seem like true car nuts. Open to many different price categories and all manufacturers. Nots snobs at all. They represent the best kind of car guys. Like Jay Leno and Barry Meguiar. The type of guys that appreciate a Konigsegg and a Honda Civic built in the driveway by a teenager.

I enjoy their videos.

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