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🏆 EOTM June 2024 - Emira of the Month starts now!

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Jul 13, 2021
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It is time for our June 2024 edition of the Lotus Emira of the Month photo contest. This is our second go around and the previous winner was @Bilbao-Emira and you can read a bit more about it here: https://www.emiraforum.com/threads/bilbao-emira-🏆-may-2024-emira-of-the-month-winner.4675/

Please read the following rules before participating!
  1. Post your best Lotus Emira photo in this thread as an attachment. Please insert the full image attachment into your post.
  2. You Must be the owner and only 1 photo
  3. 👉 ** Post a short caption about the photo *** 👈
  4. You are not eligible to win if you have won in the previous 6 months.
  5. Voting ends at the end of June.
  6. Please leave a positive reaction on a post to register your vote for them. A positive reaction (like) is an upvote.
  7. You can vote on multiple entries.
  8. The earlier the entry the more time it has to collect votes!
  9. The submission with the most positive votes/likes, wins!
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We out there on the streets of Vermont
Love the plate!

if you have a samsung or google photos, you can AI remove those power lines :)
Many thanks ! The plate was purchased a good few years ago, and lived on my 350Z for ages. For some reason it seems to look better on the Emira though.

The picture is actually taken on a Pixel, so yes, I should have a look at removing the powerlines for sure.

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