Southern California Dealerships - (Eurocar & Galpin Lotus)


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Oct 26, 2021
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La Jolla, CA
Does anyone else have an order in with Eurocar out of Costa Mesa CA? I live in San Diego and they are the closest dealership listed on the Lotus website (80 miles away) but I'm wondering if they are a REAL dealership? Next closest is Galpin Lotus (140 miles away). I had put deposits down at both dealerships in October (betting on both horses) Lotus figured it out and told Galpin to cancel my order and refund me since I had ordered with Eurocar first. Galpin was the dealership that Lotus brought the Emira to in November (not Eurocar) which further gives me trepidation. But Eurocar is listed there on the Lotus dealer website. Does anyone have any first-hand experience dealing with Eurocar?

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