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I have a great idea for an Emira option.


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Jan 6, 2022
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Since the engine is on full display though the rear hatch, I was thinking of Lotus offering customers the option of a body colored supercharger cover with that matt textured look.
If not body colored, then at least bring the red colored supercharger cover back from previous years as an option.
Just a thought.
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I know many dealers do it. I know for sure mine does it and told it's really simple thing to do, but very appreciated. Maybe as an option it would be harder to manage by lotus and over priced
Not on the FE. Lotus need to limit the variations so they can get volume and quality right. Maybe later. Easy to do aftermarket by a dealer or DIY.
Depending on the application, combined with exactly how many FE are produced, it may be best to wait on doing this kind of stuff until one decides if they’re keeping it or selling it. Think of a rare car from the past that is no longer original vs original.

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