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Nov 20, 2021
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Here's every paint color in each of the 5 color combos. There's only one for Alcantara since I don't have the ability to add color stitching on the model, but you can tell the difference between black leather and Alcantara. These include all the combos, including the ones "NR" (Not Recommended) by Lotus, just so you could see them anyways. I chose a late evening setting so the sun would illuminate the seats through the window, and give you a light and shadow side for the paint.

Colour & Trim options.jpeg

Here are the interior color samples.

-Leather Samples.jpg

Nimbus with Black Leather
Nimbus Black.png

Nimbus with Alcantara
Nimbus Alcantara.png

Nimbus with Red Leather
Nimbus Red.png

Nimbus with Tan Leather
Nimbus Tan.png

Nimbus with Ice Grey Leather
Nimbus Ice.png
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Magma with Black Leather
Magma Black.png

Magma with Alcantara
Magma Alcantara.png

Magma with Red Leather
Magma Red.png

Magma with Tan Leather
Magma Tan.png

Magma with Ice Grey Leather
Magma Ice.png
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Verdant with Black Leather
Verdant Black.png

Verdant with Alcantara
Verdant Alcantara.png

Verdant with Red Leather
Verdant Red.png

Verdant Tan Leather
Verdant Tan.png

Verdant with Ice Grey Leather
Verdant Ice.png
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Seneca with Black Leather
Seneca Black.png

Seneca with Alcantara
Seneca Alcantara.png

Seneca with Red Leather
Seneca Red.png

Seneca with Tan Leather
Seneca Tan.png

Seneca with Ice Grey Leather
Seneca Ice.png
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Shadow Gray with Black Leather
Shadow Black.png

Shadow Gray with Alcantara
Shadow Alcantara.png

Shadow Gray with Red Leather
Shadow Red.png

Shadow Gray with Tan Leather
Shadow Tan.png

Shadow Gray with Ice Grey Leather
Shadow Ice.png
So helpful and awesome that you do this, but still not helping my decision :D

Think I am going to wait until I start seeing actual delivery photos and videos to make a final decision. Save myself months of agony.
Wow these are immensely helpful. You are truly a saint and I appreciate you so much!
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