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Racing stripes anyone?


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Jul 15, 2021
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Rainy sunday here in the Catskills so just playing around. I feel like I'm having an existential crisis around the whole "black pack" or "no black pack" decision. On one hand the car's cockpit is detached and lends itself really well to the black pack which lowers the lines of the car. On the other hand I really like the clean look of the solid color and matching side view mirrors. So I decided to play with other options.. gotta say. I'm not mad at this (it's a little crude and some of the geometry is off, but it gets the point across).

Of course everything is really personal taste and priorities, but with that said, I don’t really care for racing stripes on a street car. And the design is so elegant and cohesive from the start, I would not want to break it up visually. Personal opinion. So please take it with the spirit intended. Whatever brings you a sense of joy and pride in ownership is what you should do. Good luck.
I'm not a fan of stripes unless there's a linkage. So heritage Lotus racing colour schemes on a Lotus road car are fine in my book. There are some green with yellow stripe pictures circulating and a JPS black and gold livery.

But each to their own and if you want to personalise it then do what brings you joy. With only 6 First Edition colours we're going to need some way to tell them all apart ;)
Unless it’s a lot faster than advertised, I think that is adding more to the “this car isn’t as fast as it looks” department
Black Pack is the only thing I am for sure getting regardless of the color! I am a no to stripes. I like them just don't want them on my car.
Provided they do black in the 13 follow on colours, you can do a good JPS livery with gold vinyl/foil and re-painting the wheels. There are a few Evora done this way as well as the official heritage liveried ones.


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Which other historic Lotus liveries (road or track) would inspire a great look on an Emira? I saw this Porsche 550 on Pinterest and applied my skills to creating an update of this look on my 996 C4S (Real not photoshopped!)


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These renders of the Evija in Type 72, Type 25 and Type 49 heritage schemes cover the most popular ones and how it might look on an Emira

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Yeah after I did my initial spotty mock I noticed more heritage green and yellow combo striping like the second picture on a couple real life elise and evora's. I was thinking double wide green stripes on the Hethel yellow base might actually be pretty smooth.


I might play with this concept and post some photoshops..
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