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Emira and speed bumps??


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Jan 6, 2022
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I was just shopping at Costco today and had to go over a number of speed bumps on my way into the store parking lot.
Will the Emira have enough ground clearance to clear the type of speed bumps in your average shopping mall parking lots??
The Elise, Exige and Evora have not had problems with speed bumps or humps, and the Emira is supposed to be more livable, so I would expect to be the same or better.
This is how we know this forum is full of friends and not fool of friends.

A. Dude. OMG. Someone needs to call Lotus right away. Speed bumps? Nobody thought of that!

B. Holy crap. I just read the fine print. It clearly says this car can’t handle speed bumps. Thanks for the nudge.

C. Deposit pulled back until this question is answered.

See. Nobody messed with anyone here. All friends.
Such an awesome group!

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Some info here:
depends on the front overhang , or approach angle , speed bumps less of a problem , mainly when exiting off a ramp and the crown of the road , so you have to approach on a diagonal to any ramp
The demo 1:1 model is acturally 2-3cm lower than the real car. There's no worry about it. :) However, if you would like to modify the coilover suspension and make the car as low as the demo model shows, you will need to consider the problem.:unsure:
It's all about approach angle. After years of driving sports cars.. most with aftermarket lowering springs or coilovers.. You learn to be careful around parking blocks, curbs, and speed bumps. If a bump looks too aggressive for comfort, just approach it at a ~30 degree angle (or something so you don't just slam into it with your front end and fully load both sides of your front suspension at the same time).

That being said, the Emira is a production vehicle and won't be too low for speed bumps. You'll be fine.. Just take them slow. I'd be more concerned about steep driveways with aggressive dips at the bottom.
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I wish the Emira came with a front camera showing the lower front bumper, would make forward parking so much easier.
Not sure if parking sensors would detect low curbs or parking blocks.
Anyone know of an aftermarket solution?
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