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Next Lotus Emira showing in USA - Concours


Just an fyi...

The next Lotus Emira showing in USA, will be this October.

Here is the link: https://www.ftlconcours.com/

After that the Lotus Emira will go on a dealer tours.
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Yeah, we're going to need a source before I buy tickets and actually go!
Exactly my thoughts. I am only 3 hours away and will probably go if I get confirmation but $150 is a lot to pay for a car show. The rules will probably prevent touching it too. If I wait a few days, it will be at my local dealer for at least a day or two!

I sometimes pay for shows but at least the following happens sometimes! I don't mind paying for premier events but I usually participate if I am paying.... LOL

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The Source is credible folks. Plus why in the world would Lotus put on an event and not have the star (Emira) of the show present? Just Marinate on that for a minute. Look if your willing to pay $80K for a car, then whats a $150 bucks? Starbucks coffee money to me bro. Lol😆
Sorry, it just appears funny that this show is being sponsored by Lotus but there are 2 Jaguars on the cover of the event page and no mention anywhere that Lotus will have a display. Can you provide your "Credible Source" please? I have no desire to plan a weekend trip based on internet gossip. Would you?
RT tix from Philly are only $80. That, plus $150 for the show and another $200 or so for a hotel room and some food... I might actually make it happen if the Emira gets confirmed. The hype is real guys!
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Have fun bros and gals! Bring proof of deposit hopefully the will let you sit inside. Whooo hoooo! Cheers yall!

Proof of deposit got me 15 mins sitting in the car with one of the project team at Goodwood. Plus fast track onto the Lotus stand later in the day when they had queues.

Great that they are doing another US showing.

Wonder if it’ll be the same Seneca Blue show car - it must have its own air miles account by now :)