New Lotus Video airing live

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UK market being de-prioritised for the Electra, pricing revealed in EURs. I guess that's what we get for a tanking GBP courtesy of our hapless politicians. I'd rather a Polestar 3, better priced and no doubt better resolved.
I wouldn't mind the KEF Reference Audio (2160w with 23 speakers) in an Emira :ROFLMAO:
Interesting that they keepnusing the term"more cars SOLD" in last 12 months...
Does my deposit mean the car is mine already???

It will come as abit of a hard hit when people start cancelling their ORDERS due to constant delays
So the Eletre is going to be a $100k+ car in the U.S. This is the problem with the EV future, it's essentially for the affluent, and leaves out about 90% of the population.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not really a fan of the exterior looks of the Eletre. When you look at the Evija and Emira, the Eletre somehow just doesn't rise to that level of looks.

This brings up another thing which I noticed. Their definition of "sport" seems to be speed and track performance, but that's not what SUV's were originally supposed to be. The Sport was for things like camping, fishing, off-road, etc. which went along with the Utility aspect. They weren't meant to be luxury track vehicles. That category should be for sports sedans, which have 4 doors and 4 seats.

For my view, although it isn't electric yet, the Ineos Grenadier is exactly what an SUV should be. If I'm going to spend $100k on an SUV, I would get a Grenadier; rugged, can go anywhere, carry just about anything without worrying what the effects would be on the interior. Once Ineos makes an electric version, I fully expect it would be focused on the same things the Grenadier is, except with electric power instead of gas. The Eletre is so prissy inside, I would be thinking about the effect the clothes I'm wearing would have on it. The Grenadier says jeans, hiking boots, backpacks, tent, fishing poles, etc. without a worry; a Sport Utility Vehicle as they were meant to be.

I'm not interested in an Eletre at all, however I am interested to see what they come up with for a 4 door sedan. If Carr and his team get to design it, it should be worth looking at.
Most interesting part of that video was Matt Windle hinting that the Evija will be the fastest production car around the Ring. That feat would certainly bring the Lotus branding up more than a few notches. I have always said, if Lotus want to play with the big boys and start taking away from Porsche they needed to go to the Ring and put down some times that make people give it a look. Kudos to them if they pull this off.

Besides that the Eletre pricing is good IMO, if only it looked a touch better. Not the prettiest of cars, especially besides an Emira and Evija. Curious to see how the four door electric car turns out. Those are always difficult to look sporty, Taycan/Audi GT probably does the best job of that.
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UK prices now visible through configurator...looks like Lotus is looking to charge some chunky prices for various options, but I still managed to configure a relatively good looking 'R' for £125k (base is 120)...but there will of course be OTR costs etc, etc