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Aug 18, 2021
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Re Photos... I took a bit of issue with this and got an answer back from Lotus, which makes sense, although there must be a wall or a direction to take photos in where there is zero risk of infiltrating any other companies products.... We will figure something out.

Unlike other brands experience centres and locations, the Lotus driving academy is based in the heart of the Hethel Site.

Hethel has always been a no photography site but unlike many locations we do not make people leave their phones in lockers or place stickers on cameras, as we trust our guests.

The reason for the no photography is that we do sometimes have our new vehicles on site before launch, but is mainly because we do work for many other manufacturers and we are bound by them to not leak their new vehicles, therefore staff and guests are not allowed to take pictures.

Having said this, there are some inside locations where photos can be taken especially whilst at Classic team Lotus. We are all aware that a photo of your day is a good memory and therefore we will if appropriate take a photo or two with your camera of you. We can then ensure that we have not captured anything we should not have.

Whilst this process works we can continue to do this but breaches will mean that we have to take further actions.

I hope you understand and we will do our upmost to ensure you have memories to take home"

That makes sense and is good to hear you can have photos taken of you by the Emira.
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