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Lotus Provenance Programme update

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I struggle to understand this, apart from a keyring and pencil, i get a description of the options and standard equipment purchased = bit like a sales invoice for a car but for £200
Correct yes and a little note from Matt 😅
I think it works well for older cars, but newer ones not so much. As others have said it should come for free really like the little pack you get with Porsche with a thank you card, your second key and a photo of you and your car etc
This is madness!

It is a useful document, and I have obtained similar for the more unique/special Porsches and Alfas I have had, but they didn't cost anything like what is being asked for in this case. When I got a CoP for #138 (Exige S RGB), I only received only the printed certificate and a document with a description of the car, its build spec, and its significance within the Exige range, which is all I was interested in. This was a useful exercise since I learned that the car was delivered with a Torsen LSD, a factory-fitted option at the time. Its presence was confirmed during a strip down, but LSD was not in the original sales invoice and the person who sold the car to me didn't even know that it had an LSD! As we know, the presence of a Torsen LSD is rarely felt, unless under extreme loss of traction.

It cost only about £60 or so.

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