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Lotus becomes the Intelligent Money British GT Championship’s Official Safety Car Partner for 2022.

Seneca blue show car was slammed. This one is not.
This is definitely a production car, but wonder why its left hand drive !!!

looks great, almost my spec, except I went for grey interior

Top execs there must feel the blue is the show option
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Opening round this weekend at Oulton Park. Saturday 16th & Monday 18th April
Thanks so much for flagging that up - I would have missed it otherwise.

I have never been so hopeful for massive race disruption! :ROFLMAO:
I think the wheel spacing looks near perfect for a street car. I'd hazard a guess they put the sport setting on that car as well.

Having to find new an interesting ways to navigate parking lots and driveways gets old when every Porsche suspension I've had since 2003 has been the 20mm - 30mm lowered height of the RoW, X71 and GT suspensions :cool:
If this were an American car they’d sell the decal kit for extra money as a “collector’s edition”. 😉
The arch gap isn't bad at all in my view on this car. I hope this is prod spec! Awesome 👌
Totally agree, ideally at rest the gap between the top of the tyre and the wheel arch should be the same as it is at the left and right, so the wheel and wheel arch are co-centric and this is nearly spot on.
Agree the tyre gap is not bad. But I still think the Emira has been designed to carry 21inch wheels! Time will tell.
I know Lotus have come in for a lot of criticism for the lack information they put out, like many I expect, I sit here scanning the internet for the tiniest morsel of news, the latest leaked picture or eagerly awaiting for the next review from someone that’s done the factory tour, but for heavens sake Lotus what are you doing, here we have what looks like close to a production car, being presented to the public on track so all can see, perhaps even the first public outing for the car, but what do we hear from Lotus zero, zip, zilch, nada, check there official Facebook page and nothing, maybe I’m missing something, I don’t know but surely It cant be hard to put something out there for us all to see. Anyway sorry for the rant but this real feels like a missed opportunity for some positive publicity.
To add it does look good in those pictures, hope someone gets some interior shots.
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I think it's hilarious that with all those expensive cars there, look at which one has people standing around it looking it over. It looks like the response to this car on the street is going to be epic.
I'm also noticing that like the yellow car that was at the Eletre rollout, this one has the upper black pack but with silver exhaust tips too. Wouldn't it be stupid if the reason for the 1 month delay is because they're having supply issues with the jobber that's supposed to be supplying the black exhaust tips... stranger things have happened.

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