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Elisa (Artioli) meets Emira at Hethel.....

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Just seen this on the Lotus social media outlets. I guess this is maybe why they are inviting deposit payers to Hethel next week, to see the other pre-production car!?!
I believe the blue show car will be there as there has been a gap in the UK schedule holding for the Hethel dates for some time, and before it goes to Silverstone for Monday 1st. If the grey V6 is there too, then that'll be a bonus :) More dates then follow in Altrincham and Brentford later in November...
The grey V6 is off to the US soon. I'm not sure of timing but the emails to US deposit holders have started going out about dates for the US dealer tours.

Elisa is a great ambassador for Lotus and very active in the owners community. She has been doing a few video interviews recently with her grandfather, Romano Artioli, who owned Bugatti and Lotus at the time the Elise was launched.

I just checked and the first US showing of the grey V6 is 29 October, so I guess it will leave Hethel a few days before that.
These pics are really cool. I didn’t know the story about naming of the Elise so seeing it’s namesake with the Emira is special. Beautiful car. Beautiful woman. It’s like the two are honoring each other. Just great.
Great photo display. Has anyone else noticed that Emira appears black (not verdant)? It certainly gives that impression.
Is that the verdant green, it really doesn’t look anything other than black ? It looks even darker than the sample.
It’s the Shadow Grey car, back at Hethel after the UAE tour and before it goes to the US. It does look almost black in some lighting.
What does shadow gray look like when it’s not looking black? I’ve only seen it on the configurator, where it looks flat and unappealing to me, and in the launch videos where I can’t see it close up enough to really appreciate the metallic flake or the illusion of depth. When it looks black, I actually really like it, even better than when it’s gray. Might look really nice with the red interior.
Sometimes it looks dark grey….



Sounds good too (V6)

Sometimes it looks dark grey….

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Sounds good too (V6)

I think the only way, at least for me, to judge any of these colors is to see them up close and personal with a sun lamp. Maybe with the exception of Hethel yellow. There’s just no way to see the depth of the color…that sense that you can reach inside like it’s water…from photographs, and each color has such a chameleon quality about it. And no matter how much I expand the photos I just can’t appreciate the impact of the metallic flake. Thanks for the posts all. I appreciate people trying.

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