Anyone noticed what Lotus do not say? - Base


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Sep 23, 2021
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Not sure if it's been discussed, but as a professional cynic.

The v6FE is listed, but i do not see the lower black gloss being detailed as an FE option over and above base, conversely I do not see base listing much at all, this could very easily lead me to assume that the lower black will be listed as an option on the base, and as it looks so good with it, you'll have to have it! Let's call the lower back gloss parts £800 shall we? That'll dove tail nicely with the £1200 black gloss roof. Even if most sensible people knew the 60k was for the AMG version, i think the base will need to be optioned more than people who just say they'll lightly option it. 60k? That'll be the plastic dash option sir. All very Porsche.

Just a thought.


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Aug 10, 2021
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Surrey, UK
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I asked Lotus MD Matt Windle at Goodwood if the “sub £60k” target would actually be so short on specification it would really be a car no one would buy.

He insisted the spec for the base car would be a decent and viable car you could drive away. But he also reckoned most people would want to add £2-5k of options as a minimum.

In some respects the market influences this too. So called “poverty spec” is often harder to shift second hand.

We saw this with the Evora Launch Edition, which had all 3 packs, and then own spec cars usually had at least 1 pack and usually 2 or 3. Cars with no packs and cars without the Sport or Tech pack were often harder to sell.