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Whichcar article

This is a good article on not just the Emira, but Lotus itself. It was reassuring as well that the m139 is the engine that is going to be used


I’ve seen the above photo before, but I can’t tell if one of the covered vehicles is the Emira or if those are 3 other unannounced upcoming electric vehicles. It seems like the Emira should have two horizontal headlight elements….
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Good article. (y)

As someone who is not up to speed with developments at Mercedes, it was interesting to read that the AMG M139 will not be Euro 7 compliant.

Off-topic but, if Euro 7 regulations dictate that exhaust noise is to be muted to the extent seen/heard at the launch of the new Countach (LPI-800/4), then I guess the Emira will definitely be the last car that I would be interested it.

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