Swap out of v6 manual order for i4 auto? (+an Exige)


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Mar 3, 2022
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Facing a bit of a conundrum.

2nd deposit is down for an Emira FE V6 Manual DV, tan leather, diamond cut wheels, red callipers. Idea was this is the last hurrah for both ICE and manual in proper stylish British spec. I reserved 2 days behind the current 3rd call threshold, so I suspect we are on for delivery around September.

Now last weekend I went with my stepson to test drive both a V6 Cup Exige and a 410 Exige...errr...awesome!...so now our thinking has changed.

Pondering buying an Exige now, (latest 'properly exposed' gearbox, and probably a cup version) to enjoy the raw thrill of driving + few track days, to replace my wife's current car (2010 BMW 635d)

...but if we replace my wife's current car with a 'racing car for the road' then the forthcoming Emira will need to be drivable by my wife (and she dislikes manuals)

So...to exchange our V6 manual FE place in the queue for an i4 FE auto, or maybe even an i4 base auto + just those options we require?...if the former then I am sure we might achieve a premium for selling our place in the queue, assuming this is allowed (especially after all those favourable reviews of actual cars emerge)...or perhaps just place a new order and flip our original order car when it comes.

And...to buy an Exige now, or to wait just a few more months until the Lotus dealers start receiving the inevitable trade in vehicles as Emira deliveries commence.

Decisions, decisions.


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Sep 29, 2021
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Having owned a few Exiges and Evoras , only the latter will be similar to the Emira. Exige is much rawer than Evora, but in reality for road use with state of our roads the Evora was a more capable road car. My Sports 380 Exige was often airborne on Cotswolds roads :LOL:


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Aug 10, 2021
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Surrey, UK
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You could flip the Emira and make some money towards the Exige. Very hard to sell your place in the queue, so you'd have to go through with the purchase.

Or you could ask to keep your Emira deposit in play but slip down the queue into either the i4 FE or i4 Base queue.

Or you could switch to V6 Auto and maybe incur a delay of a month or two (or you could ask for a longer delay if that suits you, eg to get it in the spring rather than autumn). Obviously will be more expensive than an i4 FE/Base, but you get the V6 noise and a car your wife can drive.

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