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Jan 25, 2022
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So this will probably look weird but I don’t know where else to post it. I guess I have not been paying attention to what’s new in cars and the introduction of the Emira just zipped right by me. I’m very interested in having one but I don’t want to wait for the versions that will come after the first edition and my understanding is, all of the first edition allocations are already spoken for. This post is just to gauge whether this sort of thing is even possible and is only for the US. Is it feasible to buy someone’s allocation from them that hasn’t configured theirs yet and order placed? Of course I would compensate them for this on some price amenable to us both.
I know, I know… As a car guy, I should’ve been paying more attention to this but for some reason, it didn’t catch my eye until very recently.
I believe it's still possible to join the queue for V6 First Edition up until end March. That would put you into 2023 delivery, and dealers don't have their 2023 allocations yet but are taking deposits. 2022 allocations are all reserved. I expect some dealers will also have cancellations and will re-shuffle the deck.

I suspect you may end up having to pay a premium to take over a slot higher up the queue given the demand, if any dealers will even allow it.
Hi Doug,

I have a wedding ring waiting for my Emira when it comes and til death shall we part. Upon dying I shall bequeath her to my eldest son and will haunt him from beyond the grave should he ever harm her. Good luck getting into the que. I hope you are able to get one soon as well. All the best.
Don’t some buyers attempt to offload their cars soon after they get them, for a higher price? That might be a better way to get one early… although I certainly don’t condone the practice.
I think here in the uk you will be able to offload your new Emira at a hefty premium, I believe somewhere in the region of 10k to 20k above the OTR price especially anyone who gets a 2022 car.

But is that really worth it when you can keep an Emira :)
This may be dealer specific, however I did ask this question to Lotus of Dallas when placing my order. Except, I asked what prevents someone from jumping in line ahead of me or buying a 'flipped' car, or even double ordering from another dealer. The short answer was that they will not sell canceled slots, but just move everyone up a spot when someone ahead of them cancels. To prevent flipping, they will have a minimum hold period (6 or 12 mos) before they will take it for consignment. That doesn't prevent an individual to individual sale; but they are trying to actively discourage this and will blacklist the seller from future sales at their dealership. They also might refuse service to new buyer; but I would really doubt that. As for double ordering, they do not have a way to track that; so it could happen. That just means another cancellation though where everyone just moves up when one of the orders is canceled. As a side note, they are working to become a top-tier Lotus dealer and heavily investing over next year and Lotus Motors (manufacturer) is also investing in them as well. Consequently, they are highly motivated to do all they can to stay in good graces with Lotus Motors to gain future allocations. They will not play any games to put that at risk.
I don't think it's possible to buy someone else slot since Lotus is only allowing 1 deposit per person. When Lotus takes down your deposit, they also ask for a picture your drivers license for identification.

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