How does UK value added tax (VAT) affect North America prices

old dusty

Jul 22, 2021
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Toronto, Canada
The stated starting price of the Emira is said to be less than sixty thousand pounds Sterling. From the docs shown on this website that amount is said to include VAT (Value Added Tax) that UK drivers - and perhaps others countries - pay when they buy or finance a car. I believe the amount of that tax is around 20%. Am I right to assume that exported cars are not subject to this tax? If so that means the estimated MSRP for North American cars - before destination charges and import costs - should actually be Fifty thousand pounds or $69,000 US dollars (or $87,000 Canadian - which is where I am). I am curious if anyone on this forum has any professional insight into this. Would be good if the upgrades and options started with a 20% lower base than we have been discussing here.
I realize that dealer mark ups, the adjusted pricing based on what they feel they can get in certain markets, import costs etc etc. are likely going to make this a mute point - but if the VAT doesn't apply to exported vehicles there is a real ten thousand pound difference in the base price for US/Canadian customers.


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Aug 10, 2021
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Surrey, UK
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VAT only applies to cars sold retail in the UK so yes you're correct, the base costs for other countries would be less the 20% then add your own local sales tax, emissions tax, registration costs etc. Lotus of course will be adding shipping/import and currency costs plus whatever the local folks add for margin. There will also be some factors related to comparative pricing to competitor cars in the local market.

The same should apply to option costs as well as base cost.

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