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❓ QUESTION Has there been any leak regarding the Emira V6 lap time round Hethel


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Dec 12, 2021
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I am presuming that due to the better aerodynamics, the v6 Emira will get round Hethel quicker than any of the previous Evora's

I am sure I read somewhere that Gavan Kershaw was quoted as saying it was quicker, but can't find where I read it, or maybe I just imagined it

I will track the Emira but times do not matter one jot to me. Never have, even on motorcycles.
I just enjoy it so it will mostly come down to how it feels driving it on track,
from my aggressive drive I believe it will be a lot of fun and have uncanny levels of mechanical grip and that g-force in the bends will bring the smile.

We already know it will have little punch out of a bend so it will be about entry and maintaining that speed with the right gear.

I suspect we will still some relatively excellent times from normal drivers.

Has nobody time a Gavin lap when he wasn't hanging the end out?
Slight revival of an old thread (and my first post no less :oops:) But I've found some info that may answer some questions. There's a video that shows Gavan thrashing an Emira gt4 around Hethel and based on what I've calculated, the lap time for the GT4 Emira is 1:26.
Here's the link
He's running with a passenger which is likely more realistic of a full weight Emira but this may be useful for some people. :)
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