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Has there been any leak regarding the Emira V6 lap time round Hethel


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Dec 12, 2021
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I am presuming that due to the better aerodynamics, the v6 Emira will get round Hethel quicker than any of the previous Evora's

I am sure I read somewhere that Gavan Kershaw was quoted as saying it was quicker, but can't find where I read it, or maybe I just imagined it

I seem to think I read or heard somewhere that the only Lotus quicker round the track was the Exige 430 Final Edition
Here is a fairly recent copy of the Hethel lap times. The Emira time is top secret until press reviews come out.

Hethel Lotus lap times.jpg
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if it was quicker than the Evora GT430 that would be great, I suspect it may well be. So in theory it will be quickest Evora ever for track use. Maybe not quite as quick in a straight line compared to the later Evora's but i can't see the average road user being able to tell the difference. The numbers released so far show the torque being higher than some of the previous Evora's, so given the extra weight it should be just as quick to 60 or 100. I would expect under 4.2 secs to 60
Why would you think it will be quicker than the Evora GT430? The Emira V6 has less power and torque, and it weighs ~ 100kg more. It'll be more in line with the Evora 410 at best (remembering the weight penalty), so around 1:28 - 1:30 lap.
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reason to think that is purely based on having more downforce, and comments to suggest that only the Exige's had lapped quicker than the Emira, But its more likely to be closer to the Evora 410
If it isn't faster than a gt430 that should be considered an engineering failure. I don't expect it to be either. But oh well
Can't see it being as fast as the 430. But not too far of with more weight and less power that's a good start. Who knows what the final edition will do but I bet it has less weight and more power.
The Emira also is way wider than any other Lotus, which should help on track as well.

What's important to me also is accessible track performance. I am a beginning track driver so that means a lot. From everything I have heard it will have a good secure feel in the corners. The opposite is maybe a Dodge ACR which may be only for advanced drivers. This wider stance should allow for beginners to learn and for experts to push the car especially on the Cups. I am not Gavan, lol.
I'm guessing it'll be around the 1:25-26 mark. The Emira power is down on the Evora GT430 but it has much more effective aero, a wider front track and revised chassis and suspension. Gav Kershaw said the Emira was like an Evora dialled up to 11, which I took to mean it'll out-pace the Evora.

Also, who is placing bets on whether Sports suspension will be measurably quicker on track than Touring? ;)
I rather hope that Sports is not measurably harsher than Touring for my back end, because I switched last second from Touring to Sports.

I guess the differences will be small both on road and track. Probably a bit more roll on Touring and a bit stiffer springs on Sports plus a bit more aggressive front end on turn-in which might get you half a second around Hetheal.
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@FederGigant fwiw they said the sports is akin to the Evora Gt and with my experience it wasn't harsh. Surprisingly compliant actually. I dont know about you but I live near rough roads. But since it my 2nd sports car I will pick sports and I think we will both be happy.
I'm going for the touring suspension, as I made a huge mistake buying a Ford Focus RS sight unseen, no test drive and it was by far the harshest ride of any car I've owned.
Sold it after only 8 months of ownership, as it beat the crap out of me every time I drove it.
Don't want to make the same mistake with the Emira.