EVO car pictures of the week (Emira in Monaco)


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Aug 6, 2021
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EVO has posted their gallery of 14 great images taken during the Monaco drive review, in high resolution.

Link: https://www.evo.co.uk/lotus/emira/18843/car-pictures-of-the-week


The images shown on the site are the medium/low res versions, but I can show you a trick to get the larger images.

If you click through to the images gallery from the main landing page, you'll see some lovely shots. Right click and use the context menu to open an image in a new tab, and you'll get the "bare" image alone rather than a site embed. The URL will be something like this, which is for the above image:

Note the @1 in the middle of that URL after the word "desktop"... switch it to @2 and you'll get a much higher resolution version in 2520x1420, more appropriate for desktop background use. This works for each of the images in their gallery.

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