Any Evora 400+/GT dyno charts available (supercharged 2GR-FE)?


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Aug 18, 2021
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Delaware, USA
I've had the pleasure of test driving an Evora GT, but didn't get to spend a whole lot of time revving through the gears or get a good feel of the powerband (lots of traffic). Does anyone happen to have dyno charts of the supercharged engine? I'm curious to see what the hp and tq power curves will look like for the Emira! I can't imagine there is much drivetrain loss, being mid-engine RWD.
These plots from Komotec about the different upgrade options on the V6 Evora may help:
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It looks like torque comes on fairly quickly and holds strong to redline where horsepower is a very gradual and linear climb all the way to redline. Is this a typical powerband for a supercharged vehicle? I've only ever owned turbos and N/A vehicles.
The linearity isn’t typical of an SC but is characteristic of a Lotus SC. My supercharged Elise had it and my Evora has it too.

It has strong pickup from low revs and then keeps pulling … to 70mph in 2nd or 100mph in 3rd if you want the full sound effects and huge grin. The mid range is excellent for B-road overtakes.

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