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❓ QUESTION What makes a FE so special?


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Dec 2, 2021
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Anyone have any idea what the “options” are on the FE over what will be included in the base? Just trying to understand what the included options are with the FE.

Also, heard a rumor that there is a color or two that will be limited to the FE only? Anyone else hear that?

Thanks for any info.


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Nov 20, 2021
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The FE includes pretty much all the options available at the time of launch, with the exception of the upper black pack, and the vehicle tracker. In the U.S., the Homelink option is also standard, but that's a cost option elsewhere. All of that is viewable on their website with the configurator.

Base Model
We're still missing some of the actual names of the base model features, but the Lotus Design Pack, Driver's Pack, and Convenience Pack that are included with the FE will be cost options for the base model. The standard interior for the base model will be fabric. It will have the standard cast wheels instead of the forged, and the brakes will be solid single rotors instead of the 2-piece rotors the FE comes with. There are supposed to be 7 more colors available for the base model, and the FE colors will most likely be upgrade cost options. I haven't seen or heard anything that would indicate any of the 6 FE colors would be FE exclusive.

Price-wise we're not sure yet what the discount value of the FE bundle is, but rumors are around a $3k-$4k discount compared to ordering them individually.

Lotus announced they're bring a custom bespoke division online which will allow custom options that are not part of the standard options. This will undoubtedly include exterior and interior colors and materials options. No pricing has been announced for that yet, but you can pretty much count on custom paints and interiors not being cheap. That will only be available for the base models; the FE's are already set as to what they come with and the choices available.


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Aug 10, 2021
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Also lots of info in the V6 FE specification document: