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UK deposit holders - message from Lotus


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Aug 10, 2021
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Surrey, UK
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Published elsewhere and reproducing here for info:

“In order to process the volumes of customers for the Emira, can we please ask that all deposit holders sit tight and await their phone call from Lotus Customer Services.

Please be assured that your date of initial deposit is key here and will remain so, the order of phone calls (while ideally in that order) makes no difference to the priority list that you are on and your place in it.

With so many incoming calls, this is delaying us getting in touch with customers so we ask if you could please be patient with us while we work through all priority deposit holders, we will be calling you very soon.”

On the plus side, it’s good that Lotus have so many deposits, although it has been causing some concern for people that they haven’t been contacted yet.

From what I can tell, they are currently calling people who placed deposits around 8-10 July.