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The funniest / dumbest autotrader ad I've ever seen


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Jan 29, 2022
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Calgary, Canada
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This is without a doubt the funniest / dumbest used car ad I've ever seen. 🤣

So first of all, when you click on the ad, photo #1 is actually a digital drawing of the car. A bit annoying, but I've seen worse photos in some ads and so I'm thinking, I guess this guy just wants to show off certain artwork featuring his car. However, diving deeper into the ad, I read the following description...

First Ever NFT Lamborghini For Sale: **********

What's Included?

This "Humble" Lambo NFT is a 1 of 1 NFT, which includes the following with purchase:
- Collectible Lamborghini Gallardo ($130,000 Value)
- Business Consulting: Increase your Business Income by 50% in 12 months! ($20,000 Value)
- LifeStyle Hacking: In person mentorship and event experience in areas of Time and Money Freedom ($10,000 Value).
- VIP Tickets to the Humble Retreat: 2 VIP tickets to the November Humble Retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada ($11,000 Value).

Wow!!!! So you're telling me that if I buy this worthless NFT for $128,000, that I get all that additional $171,000 in value for free??? Where's the downside?!?? 🤯

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