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Thankful for the delay? Anyone?


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Jan 9, 2022
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I've been reading all the updates regarding delivery timing. I, like many others, missed out on the FE and will likely not receive my base v6/m6 until 2023 and possibly even 2024. For reference, I’m #145 and my dealer will receive 40 FE cars.

So, maybe I’m just trying to be positive and make lemonade out of lemons but… I’m somewhat thankful I’m not getting a FE. For one, I want to first see and feel colors and options before locking in my order. I’d also like the ability to customize it further with potential new colors and features (colored TDC steering wheel anyone?). Perhaps there’ll be a power bump after year one like the Evora or Supra? Electronic bugs can be worked out before without the burden falling onto my shoulders. Dealer network and service centers may expand and improve. Maybe new features may be employed like Rev Match or No Lift Shift or HUD.

Then from a personal standpoint, in 2024, my 3 year old will no longer need daycare that costs $1400 a month. And between now and then I can beat on my camaro, track the snot out of it, hopefully sell it without much loss and all the while save some more for the Emira.

So, although I continually check this forum and lust over images of what’s to come, I think I’m okay with the wait and am finding value in it.

Anyone else feeling the same or am I a party of one? If you’re with me, what makes you okay with the wait?
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I should add, I just hope the price doesn’t skyrocket between now and when I finally get the chance to buy.
I should add, I just hope the price doesn’t skyrocket between now and when I finally get the chance to buy.
All good things come to those who wait.
Patience is a virtue.
Can I throw any more homespun adages at a oversubscribed supply issue that will take some time to untangle?
With time chip shortage may ease, production bugs will be resolved, manufacturing will streamline and settle into a nice cadence. And Emira features may evolve, buoyed by rising costs.
Time will tell. (oops, there I go again)
I've an FE deposit (1st deposit Sept), but not expecting the car until late this year if Im lucky - agree, for me I want to see and drive the car before final commitment, by then it seems I'll also see what the base options are and can make a more informed decision, I like all the packs on the FE but can live without several if I get to cherry pick what matters and choose a colour I prefer etc.
Always nice to be one of the first but it'll be relatively rare sights on the roads, I had an S1 Elise in 2001 (about 5 years after it came out) and people still came up to me and chatted about it not knowing what it was - admit the days before social media and everything being in your face from day 1.
I, too, have accepted my non-FE fate and have settled in for the 1+ year additional wait. I am thoroughly enjoying the excitement and banter of this forum and will celebrate as each and every fellow member takes delivery, resolved in the fact that my time will come.

Not going to lie, though, if I could get my FE spec tomorrow I would not hesitate one nanosecond. :)

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