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Start button cover/flip

According to the service manual that appears to be a bit of work.

Looks like the "gear level shift gaiter" needs to be removed and then the "centre console finisher" can be removed as whole. It's held in place by 10 clips.

There is nothing cover specific in the manual, seems like it comes with the finisher as whole. It's _probably_ removable from the bottom if you get the finisher off, but from the past I can say these spring loaded mechanisms are kinda fragile and break easily..
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Maybe i can cover up the area around it and spray point it 🤔 we’ll see…

Red do not match my Emira look
I was hoping to do the same and to change the colour.

From the manual the gear know unscrews with a simple grub screw, then it looks like the gear-gater is pushed down. The panel with the switch is pull off starting with the front.

I couldn’t decide if the front was the front of the car or the front was the part that was nearest you the driver…

In terms of the colour change I wondered if it could be wrapped / hydro dipped or anything else…
Curious to find out as well. I really dont like the look of it. I would probably just remove it if easy. I was hoping you'd be able to squeeze it at the top to release the hinge tabs or something.
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naaaah just black, red is so misplaced, what did the designers Think …

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