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Rear Spoiler or no Rear Spoiler?

Rear Spoiler or no Rear Spoiler?

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Aug 24, 2021
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Would you put a Rear Spoiler or no Rear Spoiler?
It's a no from me.

Lotus have designed the car with clever passive aero, so the downforce varies with speed but maintains the same front/rear distribution at all speeds. So you get fantastic high-speed grip and consistent handling characteristics. Plus the exterior design looks fantastic. Why (literally) "spoil" it :)
I think a wing would look really good but I wouldn't put one on mine.
I think we should do a new poll with this option!

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It'll still be a no from me :p. The org design is just so close to perfection and knowing how they designed the "spoiler function" right into the shape of the sloping rear haunch makes me want to appreciate the gorgeous rear that much more
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It seems for the street version they got the design right, with no need for active aero.
So no need for spoiler in my opinion, both functionally and/or aesthetically.
Aw I love a nice carbon spoiler as long as it’s not too OTT / not boy racer back of the Emira is only aspect not totally lovin it, lights are too ‘nipped’


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