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One Year Anniversary


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Oct 18, 2021
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Texas, USA
Anyone have any plans? Many 7/7/21 deposits…

Lots happened in the last year.
Still no official DV photos published from Lotus though. Hahaha

Maybe Lotus is planning something big for the one year anniversary of the unveiling? Maybe not but now they have a couple weeks to put it together and act like they had a plan?

A year later, we have tremendous reviews, so that’s the coolest thing.

A year later, still not quite sure what the final seat spec is nor the finalized ride height nor wheel gap.

A year later but not really right? It’s been longer for many folks in-the-know.

The next year will bring customer cars and loads of fun conversation on here thanks to all y’all! Happy 1 Year! :)

Hi Tex,

This crossed my mind last week. It's been a long journey to this point in the process. Shouldn't be too long now. We're in the home stretch. The next 3-5 months should be interesting.
Last week was a big milestone with the press reviews and the important Top Gear segment.

This week is another one with Goodwood - there will be multiple Evijas, Emiras and Eletres on display and I’m sure lots of interest on the Lotus stand. It’s a few weeks earlier this year, so not quite the anniversary of the reveal. But should still be a celebration of what’s about to come with the customer deliveries.

Looking forward to catching up with all my Lotus friends and meeting some forum members, plus seeing the cars and watching them going up the hill.

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