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Monday the 8th....Somewhere in hethel


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Oct 25, 2021
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Devon UK
MW: Great to be back after a few weeks away!

Anon: welcome back sir

MW: Been thinking we ought to start building some cars now. We've had a laugh showing customers our papermache mockups but its time to move the customer journey on.

Anon: Great idea sir. That video was the crudagras!

MW: (chuckle) yes it was! Does anyone remember how these car building robots work?

Anon: Sir, the chap from Germany said you just plug them in?

MW: so we need power sockets on the factory floor?

Anon: I believe so sir.

MW: .... right .... so do we have any?

Anon: Not in the original spec sir. Facilities management said we needed to lock the spec down or the machines from Germany will be delayed.

MW: Ah.... So this email I was about to send out to deposit holders??

Anon: I'd sit on that for now sir. We should have some extention cables coming from Argos very soon.

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