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Magma Red Lotus Emira Photo Thread

Magma Red is way underrated. this is what it looks like indoor or in the shade.


And this is what it looks like under the sun, Same dealer location ,same time of day but different day same camera.

Just cleaned my car it’s a year old with 3k miles on the clock, it has PPF and it looks as good as new


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Video instead of photos but it really show how the Maga Red changes with sunlight from different angle.

It’s fascinating that the Emira gets as much interest as some of the big boys at car meets. I was parked next to an AM Vaquish Zagato and was getting just as much interest.View attachment 43805
What’s funnier is that I kind of see a vivid red, cosmos black and Seneca blue behind you. Alongside an osmium silver 😉
I’ve changed the front badge and the wheel centre caps from the yellow logo to the black and silver, I think it looks better with the black pack, black brake callipers, silver wheels and emira 1st edition badge and I’ve lined up the cap with the valve and security lock nut on the wheels so it’s the same on all the wheels, Now everything looks uniform. Sorry the pics are in the garage but it’s raining again 🤗


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