❓ QUESTION LOTUS rear badge dimensions?

Nimbus #1 (2023)

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Feb 1, 2023
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Morning all.

We took delivery of our Nimbus Grey First edition on the 27th January. Absolutely love the car - can't wait when its properly run in too..!

I haven't had a chance to measure the dimensions of the rear LOTUS badge. I've got a feeling its around 53 cm, but if anyone has a firm answer then please fire away as we're getting the car sign-written for general promotion and advertising. Here are photos of the car so if you'd like to - more than welcome suggest a color that blends in well with the Nimbus Grey paint with black pack and wheel combo?

Thank you in advance:)


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Hi Nimbus #1, welcome to the forum! Congratulations on collecting your new Emira! :love:

I can't help with dimensions of the badge but some sign writing colours that will go well with Nimbus include black, dark grey and red/burgundy.