Evora GT430 Sport - Battleship Grey LHD 2018


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Oct 26, 2022
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If anyone is seriously (no tyre kickers) interested in a german registered, 1st owner, battleship grey LHD 2018 Evora GT430 Sport with manual, carbon buckets and AC & Hifi (approx 22.000 km) - hit me up.

I am considering selling mine as the Emira seems to tick boxes closer to my driving habbits and I have too many toys to justify keeping such an expensive car. It's a rare treasure of old
Lotus history (certificate says 1 of 8, only one in this colour), but it deserves to be driven and not be stored away.
Beautiful, rapid and rare car. I think the GT430s will go up in value over the next few years.
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@TomE thanks for moving it to the right place!
GT430 Sport is the version without the spoiler and splitter, has a higher top speed but less downforce. GT430 is the wing/splitter version. Fewer Sports were built, I think only 2-3 each of LHD and RHD.
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Everything @TomE but minor correction: 5 LHD and 3 RHD plus one LHD press car.

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