Evora GT transmission vs PDK

Different animals, but…

PDK = perfect and potentially boring because it does everything so well.

Evora GT auto = very good. It has 6 gears. Gear ratios are long, but not as long as a Cayman. In normal mode it is very smooth and behaves like a good auto transmission. If you are going from A to B, it’s perfect for that.

In sports mode, it is much more responsive, holds gears longer and rev matches on downshift (which makes super awesome intake and exhaust noises). When you are on the gas, upshifts are quick and jerky. When you are not heavy on the gas, the trans does react slower. 98% of the time I keep the trans in sports mode and I either let the car do it’s own thing or use the pedals. Overall it is good enough and it has character. It is probably X number of milliseconds slower in everything compared to PDK and ZF but programming is pretty good. I think it fits the old school nature of the car just fine and it pairs well with the V6.
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Lotus advertises 0-60 in 3.8 seconds for both manual and auto, if that gives you an indication of it’s performance.
Wow that’s a pretty enthusiastic review. Makes me second guess the manual as a daily.
Wow that’s a pretty enthusiastic review. Makes me second guess the manual as a daily.
Have driven a manual all my life, taught my daughter how to drive in my Boxster which became her car when I upgraded to a GTS. She will never go back. Best bonding experience ever. When Ali was proficient had her skip school and drive me to the beach 🏖.
Taught her to sail a catamaran. She graduates from Cornell this year. We still talk about cars… “ Get a manual, learn it, love it for ever “ problem you end up collecting cars ❤️❤️… & incredible memories. Drove to Key west Florida one summer.. The emira will change your life if you let it.. You just have to skip a few things. Always take a loved one with you..

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