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Autoexpress Emira GT4 article

- fresh off the press! A true Cayman GT4 rival…… track only though.


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Looks nice, but why does it cost twice the price of a road Emira, have the same engine and HP, weigh less but have performance figures lower than those published for the road car
The GT4 racing series has specific rules around max engine power, minimum weight etc. that all manufacturers must comply with in order to compete in the series.
Understand that, it just seems poor value
It has to fit within the requirements of the class it's in to be able to compete in it. It has all the systems built in, including a full roll cage. Besides the additional aero pieces, it has noticeable improvements in front brake cooling. There's a lot to it besides the numbers you see on that small "Essentials" pull quote. It's also about 105 kg lighter than the street car.
Different suspension, roll cage, FIA-compliant fuel tank, sequential gearbox, air jacks and a load of weight reduction measures.

Has to comply with GT4 balance of performance regulations, so adding lots of power would just result in handicapping and/or ballast.

Per Colin Chapman’s famous quote “adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”, so Lotus has focused on reducing weight.
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