2022 Lotus Emira Unveiled - Full Video!


The Emira is the first Lotus sports car to carry the new design language first showcased on the award-winning Evija hypercar. It’s a contemporary look with sculpted surfaces and technical detailing, delivering exotic supercar appeal in the sports car segment.

Interior Design A Huge Step-Change For Lotus
They blend perfectly with modern technical finishes to create a premium experience for the driver – ‘technology with soul’ – and there are details added in tribute to the heritage and sporting success of Lotus. Examples include the positioning of the gearstick on manual cars, which echoes that of the iconic Esprit, and the semi-exposed gear linkage visible at the base of the center console on V6 manual cars, as on the Elise and Exige. Adding to the sense of theatre is the protective red cover over the start/stop button.

00:00 Lotus Emira unveiled intro
00:53 Lotus Emira production
02:25 Lotus Emira manufacturing review
04:27 Jenson Button review
05:46 Senior Furure vehicle analyst interview
12:28 Lotus Emira Test Drive by Jenson Button
15:21 All-New Lotus Emira interior
18:49 Exterior of the 2022 Lotus Emira
21:23 Lotus Emira chassis and powertrain


From the very first discussions Lotus wanted the Emira to be an ‘every day’ sports car, delivering a usability and practicality to support that with levels of comfort and desirability for total comfort over long-distance cruising. To that end, it sets new standards for Lotus and is better than ever for the tallest and shortest drivers. There is more space between the occupants as well.
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Lotus did such an outstanding job on the design of this car! :love:

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