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    Water drains into the engine bay if hatch is opened when car is wet?

    Same with the Evora and water ingress into the engine bay.
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    ❓ QUESTION US spec differences

    That would be fantastic if you're right. I always disliked the look of the reflectors on the Evora.
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    V6 with the automatic transmission?

    The auto in the Evora 400 that I test drove for a weekend was fantastic. Very responsive paddle shifters.
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    Under the skin: Why the Lotus Emira's four is more exciting than its V6

    As my Dad once said to me... "You drive the car, the car doesn't drive you..." ;oP
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    The official Lotus Emira Deposit thread

    I put down $2500 the day of Goodwood here in Los Angeles. I'm well within the first allocation. (y)