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    A Lotus Cars NFT marketplace??? JFC

    Haven’t heard much in the way of positive vibes regarding NFTs. If Lotus want to promote lifestyle rather than cars then go for something meaningful related to brand. High performance electric boats or something
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    Paint colors and other ideas

    Why don't you just use the configurator?
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    Goodwood - updates and info

    Not the answer I expected!
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    Anyone received their 30 day notification yet?

    If they are dealer cars, then they have just got the silent treatment like the rest of us. As of yesterday .. nothing
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    Anyone received their 30 day notification yet?

    After 7 days of customer production since first customer car on the 10th I'm surprised no one has received 'the call'. If they are producing 20 cars per day then thats 140 cars. Its not adding up so there must be something else going on. Some thoughts: Issue with finialsing the car, missing...
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    Climate Change

    Been avoiding even looking at this thread, like the compulsion to touch an electric fence. I'll take the fence next time ⚡️
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    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    Finally a sensible communication piece from Lotus
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    Anyone received their 30 day notification yet?

    Do we even know that they have started production yet??
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    Emira Review Index [7th June 2022]

    The V8 Ftype is also worth a look. This is what I'll be getting if I get totally p*ssed off with Lotus. Probably the new shape
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    Anyone received their 30 day notification yet?

    Been advised by Lotus that we will be (July deliveries) updated this week. As others have said. No sure if good or bad!
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    Magma red in the wild

    Was he a Lotus employee?
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    Changes to "locked in" spec

    Last week I asked for a minor change. 6 months delay to my order. I asked for an explanation and await the 'magical factory' for Information
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    Test drives and final stage of buying process for UK July delivery batch

    You've done a great job, here and on FB.
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    Factory Tour Thread

    They are, but Nick wouldn't know that. It's also commercially sensitive so I'd be surprised if they give any data about deposits
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    Emira Review Index [7th June 2022]

    I get the feeling lotus is living in an Echo Chamber Ref: