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What did you do to your Emira today?

I'm about to issue warning points for this one. ⚠️😳

You have a $100k mid-engine exotic sportscar. Do not take it to any of those quick lube economy shops. Learn to do it yourself or take it to a speciality shop that's familiar with these cars and doesn't employee inexperienced techs with little to no respect for your vehicle.

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This is the recommended procedure for complete oil drainage.
These are professionals, so don't try this at home.
Had my shop do a 1K (~1200) mile oil change and pop in a magnetic drain plug. EBC Redstuff pads, Milltek controller, GRP decat, and GRP spacers installed.

All I can say is hot damn! The third cat delete + Milltek controller is absolutely amazing and it now sounds extremely proper. Must have upgrades, I'm still smiling ear to ear while I wait for thunderstorms to roll through.

I'm going to remove the spacers as I'm getting vibrations in the steering wheel from ~65-85mph. Shop triple checked to make sure they were installed and torqued down properly so not sure what the issue is, but the vibration isn't worth it for the drive changes. If anyone has any comments/suggestions/feedback as to what might be the issue that would be appreciated. Never had issues with spacers on my previous vehicles
yeah not saying that’s the reason for sure but just something to consider.
Yeah no lip on the GRP spacers.

I did previously get a set of the 12mm ebay spacers someone posted previously (apologies, I forget who) that do have the lip so I may try those out to see if they have the same vibration before I nix all of them... The rear can totally pull off a 12mm, but I think it'll be too aggressive for the front

I have the the same 12mm spacers up front, wheels are flush and tires don’t rub. The rears can take a 15mm easy!
I like the poke, that looks amazing. Are 15mms avail for the rear? :devilish:

I just ordered the GRP lowering cups so maybe 15 will be too aggressive then lol
I think they’ll still clear. You’ll add some negative camber once you lower the car which will give you even more clearance but I’d get an alignment after to make sure toe is in check.
I washed the Emira today and spent a good deal of time inspecting the car while drying it. Everything looks pretty good except a few minor PPF touch ups that will be taken care of shortly by my installer.

That being said, the trunk lid on my car has been uneven since day one. I didn’t trouble the dealer with it at delivery (because after 34 months I wasn’t waiting another minute). So as I inspected more closely, I notice the there is a rubber stopper on either side of the deck lid and they are removable with a half turn and a slight pull. The stopper is threaded on one half and it allows for micro adjustments when reinserted at the desired height. Eureka… my mind was completely blown! The trunk lid is now even on both sides and my OCD is back in check. Was anyone else aware of this adjustment? Should I post a new thread with photos for those with the same issue?
I like the poke, that looks amazing. Are 15mms avail for the rear? :devilish:

I just ordered the GRP lowering cups so maybe 15 will be too aggressive then lo

I’m about to look into spacers as I have had them previously and currently have them on one of my cars. On the Emira I’m inclined to go max 10mm not so much because I don’t think there’s danger of rubbing, but more so because the Emira already is prone to kicking up lots of debris from the tires on to the sills and lower door areas, so any excessive protrusion of the wheels, in my view, will only worsen that effect.

On a different but somewhat related topic, I’ve been debating if I should go with the black or silver spacers as I’d like to not make them too visible. So rather than opting for silver, I’m considering going for the black and also paint that large center silver hub sitting inside the disks in black. As well. I have the diamond cut wheels which have the black background (yellow calipers) and I don’t care much for the excessive colors going on in the wheel section. Since the color of that silver hub is way brighter than the discs, for my taste, it clashes with everything else and a matte black should make it a lot less noticeable. Even though I don’t have them myself, I think that the silver hub sticks out even more on the OEM Black wheels, but on the Silver wheels it works visually fine.
Forum members’ opinion on this idea are welcome.
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Did 1000miles break in oil change at A1 auto in San Gabriel couple of days ago so I took it to my usual weekend golf trip today. As expected, Golf bag fits perfectly 👌 you just need to take driver and 3 wood out and put it back of your seat. Everything was perfect except my friends booked a tee time in Palm Springs CA in the summer 🥵 when its 120F . Even at this heat, two hours drive to the course was perfect. C8 and STI wanted to race but I will wait till I install all the parts that I ordered from GRP 😃 .

One thing bothers me today was the vibration when the A C is on... anyone having the same issue??


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