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Seneca Blue factory collection


Sep 3, 2022
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Picked up my Seneca/tan from the factory yesterday, followed by a 450 mile drive home to Scotland, in 0c but dry weather. Handover was great, factory looked really busy.

I have an Evora 410, so was of course interested to feel the difference. Overall the car is really good, I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed majorly in any way.

  • Gear change is excellent, feels tighter than the Evora, and the positioning in terms of height and closeness to the steering wheel is sublime, almost on rally levels of positioning.
  • Sports suspension for me was the right choice as it's softer than the Evora, which I have no problems with, so I would not want to go more 'touring' soft than sports
  • I went for the Goodyears as I won't be tracking it, which was a good call in light of the temperature for the drive back, these coupled with the sports setup made the car feel extremely planted
  • Seats do feel firm when brand new, maybe worryingly so, but after a few hundred miles they definitely seem to 'break-in' and become really comfortable
  • Really easy to get into and out of
  • Superb forward visibility
  • Main dash graphics are a good design, especially liked the Sports Mode layout
  • Keff system is great at higher levels, finally decent audio in a Lotus, not that great at regular levels though
  • Headlights on full beam are epic

  • Privacy glass is pretty dark through the rear view mirror at night
  • Sound inside is muted compared to the Evora, even in Track mode, lacks the drama. Outside does sound good though.
  • Brakes are great, not grabby, but there is a lot of travel so softer feel than I would have liked. Makes heel & toeing not so intuitive compared to an Evora (which I rate as the best setup of any car)
  • Haptic controls on the wheel are too easily mistakenly brushed being close to the edge of the wheel. Prefer the McLaren ethos of clean steering wheels....

For the price I can't think of anything that would tick as many boxes for me as a stunning looking/handling/manual/everyday sports car, especially for the UK roads. Very Happy.


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Emira Fiend
Feb 4, 2022
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County Durham
Congratulations nice to see all the different colour combinations-are you the first to do blue and tan 👍 another Scottish Emira out in the wild 👍 Scott has a great job handing over all these Emiras


Staff member
Aug 18, 2021
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Delaware, USA
Stunning!! Congrats!!! I'm so envious of those taking delivery and the memorable drive home from the factory. Sounds like a blast. Seneca looks great and my spec as well!

I'm happy to hear about the KEF system sounding good (no pun intended). Is the engine fairly visible through the tinted glass? I'm used to ~5% tint on my rear windshields, so I don't think I'll mind the rear view visibility as much. I believe the rear view mirror is auto dimming as well, correct?

I like the little LOTUS carpet magic their detailer is doing for factory pickup too. It'd be cool if they provided that stencil to buyers.


Staff member
Aug 10, 2021
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Surrey, UK
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Emira on order
Yay! Finally! Congratulations!

I think you were the first customer in the UK to get the Checkout email?

Really appreciate your initial impressions. I’m going to copy them to the test drives thread, even though technically it’s not a test drive :)

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